The Hottest Actresses On The Silverscreen

The summer of 2010 saw laughs, tears and thrills that will have big screen images forever etched in our mind.  Over the past 3 months audiences were treated to some of the highest grossing, top notch films on record across all niches, here’s a look at the most memorable films to make their mid-year debut…

  1. Inception -  Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Christopher Nolan, Inception is undisputedly the most talked about movie of the summer, with raving reviews from movie critics and fans alike.  Nolan follows up his history of summer box-office success, most notably with The Dark Knight, as this out-there science fiction flick bent the minds of sold out theaters.  Walking the thin line between dreams and reality, Local Satellite TV options, Inception explores the levels of human consciousness and how they shape the perception of reality. Read the rest of this entry »

Horror Movies and Remakes

There are lots of services out there like which can get you access to classic horror and the remakes. Horror movie remakes have come on strong in the past few years. Halloween has given the back story of why Michael Myers turned into a killer, and A Nightmare on Elm Street was almost the same as the original but with a modern twist. Many of the remakes delve deeper into the history of the main character. Although there are similarities, there are major differences in some remakes like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This movie has so many versions that it is hard to decipher what is really happening with the story. This is a movie that has slowly become more gruesome as each movie progresses. The ways that Leatherface slaughters his victims are in more detail. The original remake is almost too much to handle unless you can stomach the blood and gore.

Night of the Living Dead is another movie that has been remade. It went from a black and white movie that was very simplistic to a color movie that made you feel as though you were in the farm house. Friday the 13th brought a remake that was very similar to the original while giving you a modern take on what happened at Crystal Lake.

Movies That Will Make You Afraid Of The Dark

When it comes to horror, everyone has a different trigger. What is terrifying for some people will make other people yawn! However, the next time you want to try for a bone-chilling scare, consider some of these creepy movies.

Event Horizon
One of the most common elements used in horror films is isolation, the idea that you cannot escape and that no one can help you. In Event Horizon, this is taken to an extreme because the story of this haunting takes place on a derelict space ship.

13 Ghosts
This rather slick Read the rest of this entry »

What Movie Would You Make If You Were A Movie Producer?

The glamour of being a Hollywood producer is not as glamorous as people would like to believe. It would be fun to create a movie that pops off the screen and into the hearts of viewers worldwide. The options for producing a film rely heavily on knowing the audience and getting the message across at the same time. Fantasizing about what type of film you would produce if you were a Hollywood producer is fun, but Read the rest of this entry »

Must See Action Films of 2010

Action movie fans had a good year in 2010. There were a handful of movies that specialized in gunfights and explosions that were worth seeing at the theater. The following are the top three action films of 2010.

1.Kick Ass

This adaptation of Mark Millar’s extremely violent graphic novel is just as violent. The ten-year old Hit Girl has countless scenes in which she slices up bad guys.


Inception provided a mind twisting plot as well as some of the best action scenes of the year. Like fist fights? How about one in a hallway that twists Read the rest of this entry »

The Grey: Not Your Typical Liam Neeson Flick

“I have a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career.” Film buffs will recognize this quote from Bryan Mills a character played by Liam Neeson in the movie Taken. Ironically, Neeson has also developed a very particular set of skills when it comes to acting.

Despite being on the wrong side of 50 with an average build and everyman looks, Neeson has quickly become typecast as the wise, gruff, battle-tested action star. Finding this niche as an action star is not necessarily a bad thing as the majority of his movies are not only entertaining, but also successful in the box office.
So naturally when I ordered The Grey, I expected a few hours of Neeson finding clever ways to beat the hell out of some wolves. Nothing more and nothing less.

But I got way more than just mindless action.

Neeson plays John Ottway, who works for an oil company in Alaska killing wolves that threaten the drillers. However, there’s more to John Ottway than just killing wolves a more human side that viewers get to see right away. Struggling with reality, Ottway plans to commit suicide but upon hearing the distant howl of a wolf – is unable to go through with it. After completing his duties with the oil company, Ottway boards a plane that’s headed to Anchorage, Alaska. The plane crashes in the middle of an Alaskan frozen wasteland with only Neeson and six other oil workers surviving the devastating impact. To make matters worse, the crew quickly discovers they’re being stalked by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves.

This is where the movie strays from the typical “Liam Neeson ass-kicking” script.

What follows is more than just a survival story. The Grey brilliantly delves into the questions of life, death and faith. Each of these men, stuck together in an utterly hopeless situation, is faced with decision to either embrace death or continue to fight for their lives. The viewer is able to find out more about each individual character through flashbacks and dialogue, and what drives their decision to either keep trekking or succumb to impending death. Faith is also explored frequently, as some of the men look to God to answer their prayers in a time of utter desperation.

The Grey is a pleasant surprise that brings a whole lot more to the table than just a simple man vs. nature story. It is a deep, thought-provoking film that depicts mankind in its most exposed, vulnerable state. Liam Neeson takes a chance in this one and it really pays off. Rent The Grey and give it a watch. It’s well worth your time.

The Raid: Redemption Assaults the Box Offices

The Raid: Redemption redefined the high-octane action movie as well as the standards with a phenomenal performance in not only the fight choreography and stunt-work, but the acting, as well. Who knew you could actually have your cake and eat it too? Taking place in a slum in Jakarta, an ill-fated SWAT team attempts to infiltrate an apartment complex filled with all kinds of criminals in an attempt to take down a massive kingpin.

That’s pretty much the plot in a nutshell and while the narrative does throw in a few twists and turns, the main focus of the movie is the fighting and the acting. The Raid is very much a movie about individual characters than it is about some sweeping conspiracy or plot. Those of you familiar with the work of Gareth Evans might recognize this style and it shines through in every well-delivered line and moment of tension in the film.

The fights are raw and satisfying and probably the only thing more remarkable than the fights themselves is the overwhelming sense of tension due largely in part to the phenomenal acting and sound design. These aren’t your average Jackie Chan wannabes; these are three-dimensional characters fighting for their lives. The setting, this dilapidated apartment complex crawling with criminals, is oppressive and the sound is used masterfully to build tension and suspense around every corner of this sprawling complex.

However, probably one of the biggest things that The Raid has going for it is the sheer momentum. You only get a few seconds between fights to catch your breath before things take off again and it all culminates in a climactic battle that can best be described as art. If you want to see an action movie done right, you need to see The Raid.

Movies That Will Make Your Heart Melt

I took my kids to see the movie Toy Story 3 and I loved it, but the end made me cry. It was sad that Andy gave his beloved toys away. Although, I know he had grown up and didn’t play with them anymore. He left them in good hands with cute little Bonnie and the toys were happy to have a child play with them again.

I know that the reason my heart melts during this movie is the reminder that someday Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Movies To Watch With Your Lover This Valentine’s Day

Cupid has been spotted flying his little naked bottom through the skies of the world, getting ready to launch arrows of love into the innocents below! That’s right; Valentine’s Day is coming right around the corner and millions of faithful celebrators are getting ready to cozy up next their lovers on the love seat. What better an idea for a romantic evening alone with your lover than to pop in a blockbuster romance? There are many of them out there, but do not be mistaken; not all romance movies Read the rest of this entry »

The Scariest Horror Films Of The ’80s

The art of cinematography has always been important throughout its history. It has been actively developed during the twentieth century. During the last decades a number of cinema genres appeared, among them being: drama, action, love story, comedy horror and many others.Horror films are informed to enjoy an immense popularity in the entire world. This genre along with psychological thriller was significantly promoted by a legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. His is famous for his unique techniques copied and taken over by a number of brilliant directors who made their famous horror movies in the ’80s.In fact, there are a plenty of horror movies made in the ’80s that are worth seeing. First of all, the “Hell Motel” (1980) of Kevin Connor should be mentioned. It has got a reputation of being a “light-weight” movie, a mixture of humor and cannibalism. “An American Werewolf in London” (1980) is considered to be a classical film in the “werewolf” subgenre. “The Return of the Living Dead” (1984) by Dan O’Bannon is one of the first screened versions of the “dead men walking” idea. “Hellraiser” (1987) by Clive Barker has got an international acknowledgment due to the plot and exclusive special effects.